_screenshots from VPDEO GAME (2008)_
electronics generating a color video signal playing on a sony trinitron
and a drum sequencer with felted speaker, + and - buttons made of glue
paper high score card, pen
enclosure made of stacked felt boxes (not shown)
duration ∞

in VPDEO GAME, you are playing the failure of the television to reproduce the signal generated by the electronics. the electronics generate a line bisecting the television screen with a block of color to the left of it. there are two buttons on top of the felt enclosure one shaped like a plus and the other shaped like a minus. pressing the plus and minus (adding and removing bass drums from the electronic drum sequence playing) changes the rate at which the electronics changes the color of that simple half-screen of color. sometimes the color changes are so fast that the television appears to tile the image in varying colors in intricate and unexpected ways across the screen. when the television starts to doubt it has a real video signal it flashes "VIDEO" in the upper right of the screen (but does not make the screen go black). you win the game by getting the television just confused enough that it starts to swap letters in and out: VPDEO, VIDMV, VISEO, etc. why the television does this is unknown. you make a note of the new letter combination and award yourself the points you think you deserve on the paper high score card.