showpaper 140. (click here to see cover) september 2012.
brooklyn, nyc
dimensions: 15.5" x 21.5"

the image for the cover of Todd P's brooklyn newspaper is an artist proof of "and, body" (2012) pinned to a cork wall. the original work is one of eight 22" x 22" photographic c-prints in the New. New York show that opened in November 2012 at the Essl Museum in Vienna. the photograph was created using machines cwm built and uses to produce a kind of performance. here the artist poses in a small elevator for a long exposure photograph that takes approximately one and a half hours. during this hour and a half long performance the light projected from the machine traces the space and the artist's body creating an effect that is something like a relief etching of the scene. with an appearance somewhere between digital rendering and a complicated installation of neon lights, this work, shot on medium format negative and printed optically, interrogates the boundaries between digital and analog, photography and painting.