Mockup Working Resolution.jpg Mockup MP3.jpg Mockup CD.jpg

1000100100100110001111010100100000110011001001100101010110011001001100100000110000101011001 is a collaboration with musical artist DaQuan. three stacks of A4 paper present the working, MP3 and CD resolution audio of the song "Digital Lullaby" from his album The DaQuan (2013).

the work transmutes sound into visual composition. information into mass. format into sculptural form.

installation notes:
the first stack, the tallest, is 1663 pages, each page being ~.16 seconds of music.
the second stack, the shortest, is 116 pages, each page being ~2.34 seconds of music.
the third stack is 510 pages, each page being ~half a second of music.
the three stacks should be slightly above waist height on a single white plinth 33" wide by 18" deep.

(each edition consists of one printing of the work, certificate signed by both artists and digital copy of the images which may be reprinted by the buyer in accordance with guidelines laid out in the purchase agreement.)